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Round the clock contact lens orderingIf you or a member of your family wears contact lenses, you know that you often realize you’re out of contacts at the most inopportune times. It could be late at night, on the weekend, or on vacation. You may plan to call us the following day to place the reorder, only to find the day slips away without remembering to place the call.

With our on-line service, you can conveniently, quickly, and safely, reorder your contact lenses. The tab below will take you to our on-line service with its easy-to-follow instructions. Please remember that a contact lens prescription requires annual exams, so we will contact you if your prescription is expired. Otherwise, once ordered, the lenses will be shipped directly to you, making reordering your contact lenses just a few clicks away…no phone calls…no extra trips to the office…no running out of lenses.


Doctor My Eyes and You…A Prescription for Convenience and Contact Lens Success!


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